Blood on the wall

He found seropositive donors, put their blood in syringes and painted their life’s story on canvas. After the exhibition “POSITIVE”, DAve SChweitzer obtained international notoriety. “Blasphemy”, some newspapers titled, but the artist achived his goal. “An artist should ask questions. The public has to find the answers,” says SChweitzer. “I make abstract art, which sometimes becomes more conceptual. I start out with an idea, and use my art to shape it and bring a message.”

“I got to know the donors through interviews and by hanging out with them, so I could portray who they were. I told them, that if I were a blind painter, they would have to let me touch their face, in order for me to paint their portrait. Now, I said, I want to paint who you are inside, so tell me about yourself, let me in.”

“It was also an exercise in technique, as I painted not on an easel, but flat on a table. I do this more often, but this time, instead of the usual tools, I used syringes to draw the blood on the canvas. I protected myself with gloves, a mouth piece and glasses.”

“I don’t discuss the price of my work. Making art is my job, selling it is my income. I am self employed. When I sell my work, I get paid. Period. What and how much I might donate to let’s say HIV research or prevention campaigns is my business. I don’t need that in the papers.”

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