Drawings from The Loony Bin

In 2012, I realized that I had developed a serious personal problem: alcohol and drugs had taken over my life and health.  Over a period of two years, I had myself checked in at a rehab facility 4 times. Each time getting better, struggling to stay sober, and relapsing once again. During those two years, I never stopped making art, but switched to small ink drawings on paper, the only way to express myself creatively with limited means in the confined space and possibilities of the hospitals I stayed at.
The result is a series of ink drawings, made over a course of 2 years, in and out of the psychiatric hospital, or as I call it: The Loony Bin.  It shows a journey through shame, despair, courage, struggle, sickness, hope, madness and pain, resulting in the sober lifestyle I now lead.
“Drawings from the Loony Bin” is the honest story, in 54 ink drawings, of a man, an artist, who refused to give up and throw his life, and the lives of others, down the drain.  It is a proof that a man can turn around his life at any point, if he only puts his mind to it.

Photos Loony Bin Installation views, Space BM, Seoul, South Korea

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