“Ecce Homo” joint project by photographer Yves de Brabander and conceptual artist DAve SChweitzer.

The exhibition is a series of over-the-top, life size, glossy photograps depicting early Christian saints and ancient Greek mythological characters, like Saint Sebastian, Hyacinthus dying in Apollo’s arms, or the Virgin Mary holding a dead Christ.

What is new, is the setting and presentation of the characters. David trumping Goliath in a game of baseball, Saint Sebastian being shot in the vault of a bank, or Bacchus having a meal in a top restaurant.

The contemporary interpretation doesn’t stand in the way of recognizability. The composition of the photo’s and the props make the characters easy to recognize. “But the exhibition is not an exercise in recognition. The public has to make up their own story.”

The way in which the characters are depicted, give the exhibition a high gayrotic aspect, sometimes fragile, sometimes provocative. “At first, we wanted the photos to be even more explicit, but in that way the context would have overshadowed the characters, and that was not our purpose.”

DAve SChweitzer is known far outside the borders of his home country. His work can be found in different West European countries, but even so in the United States, Russia or Japan.

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website : eccehomo.photoaddict.be
copyright : Yves de Brabander & DAve SChweitzer

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