Flemish artist paints with the blood of HIV-patients

“The contaminated blood was just laying in my fridge”.

When you take a look at his paintings from the series “POSITIVE”, you can see no more than some lines, but they are made with the blood of seropositive donors.

“I asked HIV positive people to give me some of their blood, and tell me what they thought I needed to know about them to paint their abstract portrait. The blood was taken by a doctor, after which I went to my artist’s studio to paint. I had little time. Blood rots after a couple of days.”

“No, that is not creepy,” says SChweitzer. “Once I started painting, the blood became just like paint or any other medium to make my art. I experimented with pig’s blood before, to master my techniques, because once I got to work with the blood of the donors, everything had to be right, from the start until the end. No error margins.”

What happens with the profits from the sales? “Once you are considered “socially engaged” as an artist, it seems that a lot of people expect you to work for free. My art is my income. Of course I donate to good causes, but that’s my business. I do that anonimously.”

“The donors were very pleased with the result of the project and the different kind of attention they got for their situation.”