Two Peoples, Two States, One Future

two peoples, states, one futureIn 1994, I travelled to the Middle East with my university professor and philosopher Ludo Abicht. On the mountain Abu Gnaim I took a picture of a sign that read: “Two Peoples, Two States, One Future”. The flags of Israel and Palestine were shown together in a peacefull harmony, joined by the sign of a firm hand shake. On the mountain lived a couple of Palestinian families with their children. A bit furhter, the bulldozers were waiting to do their work. It was the location were the settlement Har Homa would be build.

When I looked again at this picture ten years later, I realized that Har Homa had been succesfully built on this site. The Palestinians were gone.

By ripping apart the flags from both peoples and stitching them back together to create a mixed patchwork, and thus giving birth to a united flag, I wanted to repeat the peace message that I saw back then.

These flags are my interpretation of the situation in Israel today. Art cannot save the world. But it can invite people to think.

Two Peoples, Two States, One Future

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